Having surgery can be a daunting experience but we can help you through the process to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

Kinetic Energy PT offers a complimentary 20 – 30 minute appointment with a licensed physical therapist designed to help you navigate through your pre and post surgical experience for Total Hip and Knee Replacement, Spine Surgery, ACL Reconstruction and Rotator Cuff Repair surgery

  1. Education about the anatomy and physiology of your injury.
  2. Explanation of the general surgical techniques used for your surgery.
  3. Discussion of post surgical expectations; both long and short term.
  4. Discussion of the rehabilitation process.
  5. Review of frequently asked questions and sharing tips from our clients.
  6. Confirmation of your insurance coverage for physical therapy.


 All information is organized in a convenient booklet including color photographs for your reference.  Arming yourself with knowledge will help you better prepare yourself and optimize your post surgical results.  Call 970.879.8026 to schedule your pre-op appointment today and breathe a little easier.

Physical therapist works with client on a medicine ball to prepare for surgery