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    Kinetic Energy PT’s gold standard

    You and Your Therapist

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    From neck to ankle surgery and everything in between, Kinetic Energy PT has you covered.

    Post-Operative Rehabilitation

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    What Makes Kinetic Energy Different?


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At Kinetic Energy PT we provide quality and consistent 'direct one on one patient centered care' by your physical therapist without the use of aides or assistants. From sports performance enhancement, return to work, or wrestling with your children, our goal is to help you achieve your maximum potential by utilizing the most advanced tools available — our hands and knowledge of current medical evidence.



Licensed Physical Therapist
Certified in Functional Dry Needling


Certified in Functional Manual Therapy and Functional Dry Needling


Certified in Functional Dry Needling


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands on approach to joint and soft tissue dysfunction for complete restoration of function and pain relief.


Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUI)

Real time ultrasound imaging allows you to see the deepest core muscles while training “motor control”.


Intramuscular Manual Therapy (Trigger Point Dry Needling or TDN)

TDN is a very effective technique for the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction. The approach is based on Western anatomical and neurophysiological principles.


Post-Operative Rehabilitation

From neck to ankle surgery and everything in between, Kinetic Energy has you covered.


ImPACT Testing

Kinetic Energy Physical Therapy offers individual ImPACT Testing (Immediate and Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) which is a 30 minute computer test measuring multiple aspects of cognitive function


MLS C4 Cold Laser

Laser therapy uses light to favor and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates inter-cellular activity which reduces pain in the area and speeds recovery of the damaged cells.



The Kinesio Taping Method is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process, while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion.


Functional Movement Assessment

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems.


Medical Bike Fit

The fit of bike to rider is not only important for elite riders, but recreational riders as well. A proper bike setup improves performance, comfort, and confidence.


Complimentary Pre-Op Program

Having surgery can be a daunting experience but we can help you through the process to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.


Complimentary Injury Screen

Our free injury screen is a 15 minute consultation designed to shed light on your injury and provide suggestions on how it would be best addressed.


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  • I had been to three physical therapist offices in Steamboat. Not until Kinetic Energy was I helped. Nicole listened to me, cared for me, and treated me with respect and compassion. She took the time to listen. Her skill as a physical therapist coupled with her patience and compassion helped find the root issue. Her steadfastness gave me the time to heal. I know of no one with so much wisdom, patience, kindness and skill. She took the time She is one rare find. Kinetic Energy is PT at its finest!

    - Marianne Hagemeier, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • After suffering from plantar fasciitis pain for years, I went to Kinetic Energy PT and received treatment with a series of Cold Laser sessions and home exercises. My pain gradually diminished and I have been pain free since. Shortly afterwards, I was able to run the marathon I had my heart set on. Thanks!!

    - Dave Meissner, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Nicole is the very best physical therapist I have ever experienced. I have been a patient of Nicole's several times - the first time at my doctors suggestion and thereafter at my insistence. She is efficient, extremely knowledgeable and she does not try to keep in therapy beyond the reasonable recovery term. Her fees are at or below market and I highly recommend her to all in our region.

    - Tim Borden, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • We have been coming to Kinetic Energy PT for 16 plus years and highly recommend the therapists here. They are caring, well trained and friendly.

    - Al and Jessie Bass, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • My family doctor recommended Kinetic Energy when some nerve feelings began running down my shoulder. It was deemed to be coming from my neck but I was able to put off surgery for 8 years, which I have now fully recovered from with their help. I have become used to this kind of therapeutic help from the entire team at Kinetic Energy PT. There is no place is town I would go. In the time I've been going there I've been treated for multiple ailments. I have always come away completely satisfied.

    - Kirk Hamilton, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • The PT's at Kinetic Energy all know how to heal bodies. They are highly trained and educated.

    What makes Kinetic energy different is they care about the person. You are treated as an individual and you meet with the physical therapist one on one. No matter what your need – at Kinetic energy you are treated with respect and kindness. It is a place of encouragement and a place to heal from whatever ails you.

    They go beyond the injury and pain and treat the whole person. At KE there is a unique environment where you are able to heal your pain and be cared for as an individual.

    - Happy Client, Steamboat Springs, CO
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  • Pilates Strong with Mary - 01/18/2018
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    Blend your favorite Pilates movements, resistance training, balance and stretching! contact Mary for more details: marydedwards@gmail.com

  • Pilates Strong with Mary - 01/22/2018
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    Blend your favorite Pilates movements, resistance training, balance and stretching! contact Mary for more details: marydedwards@gmail.com

  • Pilates Strong with Mary - 01/25/2018
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    Blend your favorite Pilates movements, resistance training, balance and stretching! contact Mary for more details: marydedwards@gmail.com

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  • Does my insurance cover physical therapy?

    Insurance coverage for physical therapy varies widely by carrier. We will verify your benefits and coverage at your first visit.
    HOWEVER, we strongly urge you to verify this information for yourself, to avoid any confusion.

  • How do I pay my co-pay?

    Co-pays are due at the time of your appointment. We can take cash, personal check, Visa and MasterCard for your payment.

  • I don’t have insurance or don’t want to use my insurance; can I pay cash for my treatment?

    Yes, we offer a “cash-pay” rate for treatment. Ask front desk personnel for current rates.

  • How long will my appointment take?

    The short answer is that it depends! In general, appointments last from 45 to 60 minutes. At your first appointment, expect 10-15 minutes to complete intake paperwork.

  • What should I expect at my first appointment?

    You will be asked to complete intake paperwork that generally takes 10-15 minutes.
    After you have completed your paperwork, you will meet your physical therapist. The therapist will talk with you about your concerns and then complete a physical examination.
    After the examination, you and your therapist will discuss how best to begin treatment.

  • Can I email or text my physical therapist or the front desk?

    Yes! However, it is important to understand that plain texting and email are not secure.
    There are secure text apps that allow you to communicate with your therapist securely. Talk with your therapist about using one of these apps.

  • Do you offer exercise classes after my physical therapy is complete?

    Yes! We offer several different classes at Kinetic Energy.
    See our current class schedule.


In order to serve you better, we have arranged our new patient paperwork into packets distinguished by different types of injuries.  Please print the packet that most closely corresponds to your injury and bring it to your first visit.


Download these forms if you are having a problem with your back.


Download these forms if you are having a problem with your neck.


Download these forms if you are having a problem with your hip, knee, ankle or other area of the leg.


Download these forms if you are having a problem with your shoulder, elbow, wrist or any other area of the arm.

Not Sure? Start here...

Download these forms if you recently had surgery or have a problem other than back, neck, leg or arm.

Kinetic Energy Gives Back to the Community

KEPT Full Circle Initiative offers free injury consultations, donations are accepted with ALL proceeds given in turn to locals in need.

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